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  • The Message Board Forums:

  • 18th Century Frontier Trekking/Reenacting
    This is a General Forum dealing with 18th century historical research, reenacting and trekking. We focus on the Frontier but not exclusively.
  • 18th Century Native American Reenacting
    Eastern Woodland Indian Cultural Research & Portrayal of the 18th Century
  • Colonial Nouvelle France/New France
    Share Nouvelle France cultural information on the French side of the reenacting community, 1650-1765.
  • The Barracks (Military Forum)
    This is a forum for all things military from the early colonial period to the end of the 18th century. All countries, militias, trained bands, and regiments are welcome. Discuss uniforms, weapons, equipment, drills, and anything else pertaining to a soldier in the colonies.
  • The Boatwrights Shop
    Sharing information regarding 18th and early 19th century nautical culture.
  • Colonial Farmer & Heirloom Gardener
    Discussion of historic (1740-1840, North America) and/or modern gardening techniques and experiences. Including 18th/19th century gardens and gardening. Feel free to also discuss native & colonial. We also welcome discussion of colonial farming.
  • Fur Traders & Trappers
    Discussion of historic and/or modern trapping techniques and experiences. Including 18th/19th century fur traders and trappers.
  • 18th Century Frontier Women
    The Women's Forum is geared towards women however men are not prohibited from participation. We assume there will be more talk of colonial women's issues, clothing, sewing, cooking, etc. The participants and moderator will shape the forum purpose, etc.. This is not an attempt to segregate, just to separate out a body of topics that women would mostly find more interest in!
  • 18th Century Recipes From the Hearth
    Share your 18th century recipes and 18th century cooking techniques here. Bon appétit!
  • Boonesborough Living History
    Discussion concerning the Boonesborough Living History volunteer events.
  • The Trading Post
    Sell, Trade items preferably related to 18th Century Frontier research, reenacting, trekking.
  • FrontierFolk CHAT (Backup Chat Site)

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