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Frontier Folk grew out of experience with designing web sites and databases professionally for big companies for several years. Our goal is to give you the personal, professional attention you may not receive at the huge hosting company with hundreds of clients. We hope to save you money and at the same time improve the quality of your web presence. Allow you to focus on what you do best!

Feel free to browse through a few present and former web design and hosting clients.


There are four essential parts to setting up and running a web site. 1) Design, content arrangement, etc. 2) Hosting. 3) Domain name. 4) Maintenance.

1) DESIGN: This is the first biggie! You'll need an experienced designer, graphic artist and web programmer to set this up. Fees usually run around $50/hour for this work.

2) HOSTING: This actually puts your designed pages on the web where customers can see it. Fees usually run from $10 to $60/month.

3) DOMAIN NAME: Unique web name. Runs around $25/year. Can be cheaper if you go with a package.

4) MAINTENANCE: Includes updating content, adding new features, major or minor site revisions. Usually charged by the hour. May be included in hosting fee.


1) DESIGN: $35/hour. We will work with you. We'll accept your logos and build the site around your ideas. We will however, have a lot of suggestions and will encourage you to go with a design that will be efficient for your web customers. Expect at least two or three hours for the basic first few pages for your site.

2) HOSTING: $8.95/month (bare-bones - assumes you will need no assistance - other packages available). This includes 10MB of page/image space. Email address and Frontier Folk name (like - free with hosting package.

3) DOMAIN NAME: Unique web name - $25/year. Your choice (depends on availability).

4) MAINTENANCE: Minor revisions and updates may be included with hosting package. You send us the updates, We'll add it for you. Major work - $35/hour.

Hosting options may include Secure Transfers, Shopping Cart, FTP, Additional Email Addresses, POP and Web-Based Email, Frontpage Extensions, Support for Perl/MySQL/PHP/CGI, Web Site Backup, Message Board and Chat. All of this is negotiable. Consider each site to be a custom package combining all or parts of the above options. This is just to give you a starting place.

we can also transfer existing sites if you are not pleased with your current host. This may save you money and may be more reliable.

Thank you for considering Frontier Folk. Please email Jon or Tina Hagee for further details and orders.

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