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Message Board - Guidelines

  • The Purpose: of this board is to facilitate communication between trekkers, history enthusists and reenactors in a pleasant atmosphere. We hope that you will share related activities, your specific interests and experiences, technical information, historical research and enjoy the process.

  • Have Fun! We understand the necessity of humor in keeping our living history/trekking activities enjoyable, and have no problem with a little cutting up and keeping things relaxed on this board (in fact PLEASE do), and this can include taking good natured pokes at one another.
    We ask that anyone posting continue to keep in mind the limitations of the media. Please do not take offense, ask for clarification. If you feel someone is abusing humor, please report it to a moderator. Likewise, please do not use humor to harass or bait anyone with a personal insult.

  • Keep it Family Rated! Watch your language. Please conform to an 18th century standard of public speech.

  • Be Nice! We ask that intentionally malicious comments not be made on the board. Don't feel you need to shy away from spirited discussion. If you keep to the issues and stay away from personal attacks, you should be OK. This is also not a place to criticize individuals not on the Board. Please do not participate in any Board Wars. A lot of the owners of other message boards are friends of mine and yours. Each board has it's own personality and specific interests. Feel free to participate in this board and not feel guilty since you also frequent any other board.

  • Be Polite! We ask that people using this board remember that it is an open forum and everyone with something to contribute is welcome to do so, regardless of which area of living history they're interested in. We don't care if you're a hunter, walnut clad, shooter, historian or just interested in the frontier, pull up a log and join in. We feel that there are too many walls and barriers in Living History, and it's our objective to see that this board becomes a vehicle for tearing them down.

  • We will handle the Moderation - Now, for one hard and fast rule...
    Under no circumstances on this board will anyone censure another person posting. This means refraining from telling someone to "Butt out", "Take a hike", "You're not welcome here", etc. Again, if you have an issue with someone or something they've posted and you absolutely have to express it, please do so by private email. The board's PM is not to be used to harass anyone. If they ask you not to contact them, respect their wish.

  • You are our Guest! Finally, remember that this is a sponsored board. That means that someone else pays for your use. Understand, it is a privilege for you to post here, not a right. We enjoy your participation, but reserve the right to protect the well being of our community. However, we have no intention of using the heavy hand. As long as you watch your language, be nice, polite and have fun, we'll get along just fine. Thank you for participating!

  • A few Tips: This Board is probably different from what you are used to. It has a lot of features you will like! You will need to register to take full advantage of these features. You may link a small personal photo from a web site, add links and photos to messages, smileys, add formatting such as Bold, Italics, etc. This board thwarts spammers and allows us to post Polls, send private messages between users, no annoying banners and unrelated ads and tracks new messages for you. We have a chat. I have set up a wiki system if anyone is interested in helping me test that or to add articles.

  • Please put a name on every message even if you use a pseudonym. Do not register more than one name without permission. Attempts to bypass board security will not be taken lightly.

  • Try to put some thought into your message Subject for clarity.

  • If you feel someone is abusing these guidelines, please report it immediately, do not police the situation yourself, leave that up to the moderator(s).

    After browsing around a bit, be sure to take a look at the (Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). This will answer most of your questions. If not, then feel free to ask.

  • On to the Message Board!

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