The New Jersey Ranging Company

The New Jersey Ranging Company is the re-created company of Rangers commanded by Captain Hezekiah Dunn for the Winter Campaign of 1757-1758


The French & Indian War, 1755-1763, was the North American phase of the greater global conflict known as the Seven Years War. During this struggle France and Great Britain fought for supremacy on the continent of Europe and in their overseas possessions, mainly North America and the Caribbean.

One of the most effective concepts in military history was born during this conflict in the Woodlands of North America, that of the


During the early part of the war, Provincial Captain Robert Rogers from New Hampshire utilized a method of fighting and scouting that was unheard of in the civilized warfare of the 18th Century. Rogers would lead small bands of lightly equipped but heavily armed men secretly into enemy territory. The Rangers mission was to gain as much intelligence of the enemy as possible and when practical to disrupt the enemy by destroying their houses, livestock, and supplies. They conducted raids and ambushes, and often employed boats on the lakes and rivers to speed their advances. The Rangers would also support the larger conventional armies by providing convoy security, serving as reaction and advance guard forces, and as flankers. Much of these tactics were patterned after the Native American way of fighting and were often employed against those Natives allied to the French.

The Rangers also continued to fight long after the regular armies had gone into winter quarters. They would don snowshoes, ice creepers, and even ice skates to ease their traveling, and penetrated deep into French held territory to conduct successful raids and counter the French irregular forces that also remained active during the Winter.

Capitalizing on Rogers’ success, the British high command asked the Provinces to provide Ranging companies to augment the regular troops for the winter season. New Jersey willingly answered the call. . .


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