Rebel Prisoners at Quebec 1778-1783

Chris McHenry, Compiler, 1981

A SPECIAL thanks to Jim Sellars for providing this great new information.

Halderman Papers, Add Mss 21, 843 ­ Microfilm Roll A-765.
P.109 List of Rebel Prisoners in and near Montreal 30 Oct 1780
(Ed. Note: All of the following were marked "Taken from their Farms and Houses and Not In Arms.")
 Name Age Taken At
 James Shannon 40 Virginia, June 1780
Campbell La Fever 22 ditto
William Marshall 22 ditto
George Finlay 34 ditto
Wm Butt 41 ditto
P.111 "All taken Ft. George 11 Oct 1780 All in arms."
 Name Age Taken At
 John Angel 20 Virginia, June 1780 (in arms)
Lewis Field 15 ditto (in arms)
Widow LaForce 52 Virginia, 26 June 1780--Brought from their farm
Wm. LaForce 16  
Anne LaForce 20  
Judith LaForce    
John Duncan 40 Virginia 26 June 1780--Taken from their farm the man not in arms
Elinor Duncan his wife 38  
Elizabeth Duncan 18  
John Duncan, Jr. 16  
Margaret Duncan 14  
Joseph Duncan 12  
Mary Duncan 9  
Sarah Duncan 7  
Anne Duncan 5  
Faithful Duncan 2  
John Mahan 27 Same as above
Agnes Mahan his wife 19  
King LaForce Mahan 1__  
Widow Mahon 48 Virginia 26 June 1780--Taken from their farms not in arms
Thos. Mahon her son 20  
Wm. Mahon, ditto 17  
Elizabeth Mahon, dau 23  
Isabella Mahon, ditto 18  
Jane Mahon, ditto 16  
James Morrow 26 Virginia 26 June 1780--Taken fromtheir farms not in arms
Margaret Morrow, wife 21  
William McGuire 26  
Mary McGuire, wife 19  
Michael McGuire 2  
John McFall 52 Virginia 24 June 1780--Taken from their farms not in arms
Patrick McFall, son 13  
Joseph McFall, son 11  
Margaret McFall, dau 9  
Sarah McFall, dau 7  
p.213 Return of Rebel Prisoners Sent to Montreal from Niagra 28 Nov 1781
Lieut Ravenscraft
24 Aug 1781 On the Ohio
James Beathe 6 Aug 1781 Licking
James Ruddill Creek by Capt Bird
P.256 Return of Rebel Prisoners Sent from Niagra and Detroit arrived at Montreal 9 June 1782
 Crecraft, Major   On the River Ohio by Jos Brant
 Orr, Captain  And belong to Pennsylvania
P.278 Return of Rebel Prisoners in the Province of Quebec 22 July 1782
 Name Age Taken Province Belonged to Where Prisoner
Maj Cracraft 30 21 Aug 1781 Va St. Mary's
Capt Robt Orr 30 24 Aug 1781 Pa ditto
Lt Thos Ravenscraft 20 13 Sep 1781 Va St. Mary's
Jno Dunkin 42 Virginia 26 June 1780 Va St. Laur suburbs
Wm Mahan 19 ditto Va  ditto
Jude Mahan 17 ditto Va ditto
Thos Machan 21 ditto Va ditto
Wm Machan 18 ditto Va ditto
Jas Morrow 27 ditto Va ditto
Wm McWeir 29 ditto Va ditto
Andrew Beard 52 ditto Va ditto
Wm McMullen 56 ditto Va Sent home 22 Aug 1782
Jno Link 33
24 June 1780
Va  Coteau du Lac
Angus McDonald 65
Licking Creek
24 June 1780
Va ditto
Robt McDonald 22  ditto Va ditto
Alexr McDonald 18 ditto Va ditto
James Bidle 23
24 June 1780
Va Coteau du Lac
 Steph Shelton 21 Ohio June 1780 Va ditto
 Name Age Taken Province Belonged to Where Prisoner
Eleanor Dunkin 40 Va 26 June 1780 Va St Lawrence suburb
Eliz Dunkin 19 ditto Va ditto
Agnes Mahan 22 ditto Va ditto
Mrs. LaForce 54 ditto Va ditto
Mrs. Machan 50 ditto Va ditto
Eliz Machan 25 ditto Va ditto
Isabel Machan 19 ditto Va ditto
Margaret Morrow 23 ditto Va ditto
Mary McWare 20 ditto Va ditto
Mrs. Fisher 35 Va 24 June 1780 Va Sent home 22 Aug 1782
 Name Age Taken Province Belonged to Where Prisoner
Joseph Dunkin 12 Va 26 June 1780 Va St. Lawrence suburbs
Randal Mahan 2 ditto Va ditto
Michl McWare 4 ditto Va ditto
Thos McWare 1 ditto Va ditto
Andw Beard 14 Va 24 June 1780 Va ditto
Michl Beard 13 ditto Va ditto
Geo Beard 9 ditto Va ditto
Jno Beard 1 born Canada   ditto
Margt Dunkin 14 Va 26 June 1780 Va ditto
Mary Dunkin 10 ditto Va ditto
Sarah Dunkin 8 ditto Va ditto
Ann Dunkin 6 ditto Va ditto
Faithful Dunkin 4 ditto Va ditto
Eleanor Dunkin 1 born Canada   ditto
Ann LaForce 14 Va 26 June 1780 Va ditto
Jane Machan 17 ditto Va ditto
Barbara Beard 11 Va 24 June 1780 Va ditto
P.289 Return of Prisoners sent from Niagra & Arrived at Montreal this 4 Oct 1782
 Name When and Where Taken
Isaac Riddel 24 June 1780 Virginia
Elvrah Riddell  
John Riddell  
Elizabeth Riddell  
George Riddell  24 June 1780 Virginia
Dosia Riddell  
Sarah Riddell  
Henry Duitt  
Mary Duitt  
Saml Porter  
Eliz Porter  
Margt Porter  
Hugh Porter  
Saml Porter  
Frans Berry  
Sarah Berry  
Abigail Berry  
Lewis Berry  
Jno Dougherty  
Eliz Dougherty  
Jesse Dougherty  
Critaine Gatliff 24 June 1780 Virginia
Corns Gatliff  
James Gatliff  
Thomas Berry 24 June 1780 Kentuck
P.295 Return of Prisoners sent to ______for Exchange Quebec Oct 1782
 Name Age When and Where Taken
 Jas Riddle 23 Kentuck 24 June 1780
Stephn Shelton 21 Ohio 1 June 1780
P.299 Return of Prisoners who have requested leave to remain in the Province; Quebec Nov. 3, 1782.
Jno Link: remains on an island at Coteau du Lac where he has obtained permission to build a house ­ taken at Kentuck, Virginia 24 June 1780
P.319 return of Rebel Prisoners with their Familys Lodging in the St. Lawrence Suburbs
John Dunkin - a wife and six children
John Mahan - wife and one child
William Mahan
Jas Morrow - wife and one child
Thos Mahan
William Laforce - his mother & three sisters
P.329 Return of American prisoners forwarded from Ticonderoga to their respective States, July 18, 1783 by order of His Excellency General Haldermand.
(Ed. Note: The original of this list also enumerates the rations provided to each prisoner. These vary from _ for toddlers, to _ for children anywhere from 5 to 18, and full for most male adults. Most female adults received _ ration. There is enough variation to suggest that height and weight may have been taken into consideration.)
 Name Province Return to Date Taken Prisoner Age
John Denton Va Cantuck
June 80
Licking Creek
Elizth Denton  Va ditto ditto 30
James Denton Va ditto ditto 13
Jane Denton Va ditto ditto 8
John Denton, Jr. Va ditto ditto 6
Borthany Denton Va ditto ditto 5
Hezeh Ford Va Cantuck June 80 Licking Creek 32
Elizth Ford Va ditto ditto 29
Kussy Ford Va ditto ditto 17
Silas Ford Va ditto ditto 13
Mary Ford Va ditto ditto 8
Dosha Ford Va ditto ditto 6
Judith Ford Va ditto ditto 1 yr., 6 mo.
John Ford Va ditto ditto 16
John Reading Va Cantuck June 80 Licking Creek 21
Casper Kasner Va ditto June 80 Licking Creek 33
John Smith Va Cantuck June 80 Licking Creek 35
John Smith, Jr. Va Cantuck June 80 Licking Creek 16
Peter Smith Va ditto ditto 14
Magdelena Smith Va ditto ditto 11
Lissy Smith Va ditto ditto 8
Solomon Litton Va Cantuck June 80 Licking Creek 32
Martha Litton Va ditto ditto 27
Elias Litton Va ditto ditto 5
Thos Litton Va ditto ditto 5
Jno Litton Va ditto ditto 7
Burton Litton Va ditto ditto 3
Solomon Litton, Jr, Va ditto ditto  1
(p. 331) Elizabeth Duggan Va ditto  ditto 60
Jno Link Va Cantuck June 80 Licking Creek 34
Margt Link Va ditto ditto 36
Jno. Link, Jr. Va ditto ditto 13
Caty Link Va ditto ditto 10
Molly Link Va ditto ditto 8
Sarah Link Va ditto ditto 6