(1) Name: Ann Weir BROOKS
Birth: September 18, 1798
Death: 1888 Age: 89
Father: Abijah BROOKS (1759-1812)
Mother: Anne Nancy STRODE (1770-1855)

Misc. Notes
Of the foregoing children, Ann Weir Brooks, born 18 August 1798, died 25 July 188, married 03 Feb. 1820 in Clark County, Ky. to John Breckenridge, Revolutionary Soldier from Virginia to Bourbon County, Va. Ann Weir Brooks was the second wife of John Breckenridge, his first wife being Mary Duncan,. whom he married 13 March 1810 and by whom he had James A Breckenridge born 19th Nov. 1810 and Oliver Hazard Perry Breckenridge, born 25th Sept. 1813. Mary Duncan Breckenridge died 1818.

The John Breckenridge farm was located on the Hume and Bedford Road, now owned by Mrs. Taylor. The old family burying ground is close to the house. Children of John Breckenridge and Ann Weir Brooks as taken from an old Prayer book in the possession of Judge William Breckenridge Ardry were as follows:
Mary Breckenridge born June 21 1821
Abijah Brooks Breckenridge born 18 Dec. 1822
Sidney S. Breckenridge born 06 April 1825
John William Breckenridge born 20 July 1826
George W. Breckenridge born 02 July 1828
Alexander Breckenridge born 26 Dec. 1`829
Ann Elizabeth Breckenridge born 24 Mar. 1832
Caroline Frances Breckenridge born 25 Mar 1833
Sarah Magalen Breckenridge born 04 Aug. 1835
Adam Aker Breckenridge born 21 Mar. 1837
Abijah Brooks Breckenridge born 01 Feb. 1839

Birth: October 7, 1785 Virginia
Father: Alexander BRECKENRIDGE (1743-1813)
Mother: Magdalene GAMBLE (1745-)
Marriage: January 3, 1820 Clark County, Kentucky
Children: Mary (1821-)
Abijah Brooks (1822-)
Sidney S. (1825-)
John William (1826-)
George W. (1828-)
Alexander (1829-)
Ann Elizabeth (1832-1898)
Caroline Frances (1833-)
Sarah Magalen (1835-)
Adam Aker (1837-)
Abijah Brooks (1839-)

(2) Name: Samuel BROOKS
Birth: December 25, 1802
Death: August 4, 1875 Age: 72
Father: Abijah BROOKS (1759-1812)
Mother: Anne Nancy STRODE (1770-1855)

Misc. Notes
Samuel Brooks of Clark and Bourbon Counties married 1st to Polly Gass, 25 May 1826. She was the mother of most of his children. He married 2nd to Elvira Scott. When Samuel and Polly Gass Brooks moved to Bourbon County, they located on Stoner Creek [ now the farm of Mr. & Mrs. John D. Hertz] and lived first in a house that stood at the rear of the present handsome residence he built a few years later. the following entries are taken from the family bible of Samuel Brooks in the possession of Mrs. James L. Dodge. Samuel Brooks born 25 Nov. 1800 Polly Gass Brooks, wife of Samuel Brooks was born 23 June 1804 Elvira Scott, wife of Samuel Brooks was born 06 Jan. 1814.

1: Mary GASS
Death: May 5, 1850
Marriage: May 25, 1826
Children: John Gass (1827-1889)
Abijah (1829-1829)
Sally Ann (1830-1884)
Elizabeth Jane (1832-1903)
James William (1835-)
Samuel Abijah (1838-1863)
Mary Frances (1841-1911)
Thomas Robert (1843-1847)
Nancy (1846-1907)

2: Elvira SCOTT
Birth: January 6, 1814
Death: December 18, 1888 Age: 74
Father: Robert SCOTT (1769-1836)
Mother: Ann GALLOWAY (1769-)
Marriage: February 7, 1854 Paris, Bourbon County, Kentucky
Marriage Memo: Officiated by the Rev. Aylette Rains.
Children: Ann Weir (1855-)
Joseph Scott (1856-1930)
Alice (1858-1925)

(3) Name: Thomas BROOKS
Birth: 1610 Probably Suffolk, England
Death: May 21, 1667 Age: 57

Misc. Notes
Taken from "Early Bourbon Families" published in the Kentuckian Citizen Newspaper, Paris, Ky. Tuesday, June 20, 1944- from the files of Mrs. William Breckenridge Audry.

ARMS: Sable, three escallops or
CREST: A beaver passant, proper
MOTTO: Perervando [By Persevering]

Thomas Brooks, ancestor of the Bourbon County, Kentucky family was the first of the name in New England. he was born in 1610 and is said to have come from Suffolk, England and sailed in the "Susan and Ellen" to Watertown, Mass. here he was assigned land in 1631 and in 1638 removed to Concord, became a large landowner and held many positions of trust and honor. He was Constable in 1638; Captain of a Company of Foot in King Phillip's War and Deputy to the General Court from Concord 1643-1662.

In 1660 he and his son in law, Timothy Wheeler bought lands in Medford which he owned at his death, 21 May 1667. His wife, Grace, died 02 November 1664. Descendants of Captain Thomas and Grace Brooks still own 400 acres of this original tract which was inherited by his son, Caleb Brooks. The old Brooks estate is said to have been a place of rare beauty in 1908 when visited by Kentucky descendants of the family. "Every tree and shrub has history as they had been brought from all over the world by Peter Brooks". Washington and his staff had been entertained under a hugh oak in the yard during the Revolutionary War.

Reference; Bond's History of Watertown, page 356. Genealogical Dictionary of New England.

Children: Joshua
Caleb (1632-1692)