(1) Name: Alexander L. BARNETT
Birth: October 15, 1810 Bourbon County, Kentucky
Death: April 30, 1886 Clinton, Illinois Age: 75
Residence: 1832 Moved to DeWitt County, Illinois Age: 21
Burial: Alexander Barnett Family Cemetery, Clintonia Twp.
Father: John BARNETT (1781-1854)
Mother: Sallie Barnett KENNEY (1786-)

Misc. Notes
He owned six or seven hundred acres in that county. (CLB)
See notes on Moses Kenney.

From: History of DeWitt County, IL, Descriptive of the Scenery, and biographical Sketches of the Prominent Men and Pioneers, W.R. Brink & Co., Philadelphia, 1882.

This country, the asylum for the oppressed of all land, has been greatly enriched by virtue of religious persecutions throughout different parts of Europe. Perhaps none of these persecutions has contributed more of patriotic zeal in proportion to the number who sought homes here, than that of the old Scotch Presbyterians, Driven from their mountain-fastnesses, they first sought protection in Northern Ireland, and from thence cane thitherward. to this class belong the ancestors of A. L. Barnett. when William Penn was directing the tide of emigration to his colony near Philadelphia they joined the movement; thence went to Virginia. So that John Barnett, the father of the subject of this sketch, was born in Augusta county, Virginia. His wife Sallie Kenney, was of the same stock with himself. About 1789 the Barnetts threaded their tedious way over the mountains to Kentucky, the "land of promise" in the eyes of the pioneers, John riding behind his father on a pack-Horse. They located in bourbon County, where Alexander was born October 15, 1910., being third in the family in order of birth. At p[resent there are but three living: Alexander, James and Sarah; whilst Robert Franklin, Mary (who was killed by lightening), Juliet, Elizabeth and William have passed away. Mr Barnett acquired a fair education when young, which has become rich in experience during his active life. He came to DeWitt County in the year 1832. Was elected surveyor (the first in the county,) May 6, 1839, an office he held continuously for twenty years and six months. then after a respite of almost equal time he was again elected in 1879, and now holds the position. Politically he has been during most of his life a Democrat, having cast his first ballot for Martin Van Buren. In 1832 he lost his vote (a fact always regretted, as he was an admirer of Andrew Jackson), because being on his way home from Kentucky to Illinois; but he had the honor of seeing a number of enthusiastic Hoosiers drinking to 'Old Hickory's health. Of late years, he has identified himself with the Greenback Party. He married to Elizabeth H. Hall, November 20, 1834, by whom he has had twelve children, five of whom died in infancy - three of them being triplets and died quite young, - and there are now living six. His wife is a most estimable woman, a member of the Christian Church, and quite an active laborer in the Master's cause. Mr. Barnett is possessed of a strong, vigorous mind, excellent constitution and great determination of character. He is a man whom his neighbors love to honor.

From DeWitt County History 1882

Alexander Barnett is the oldest pioneer citizen of Clintonia. He is a native of Bourbon county, Kentucky, and came to the county in the fall of 1831. He first stopped in wbat was known as the Hall and Bowles settlement, Barnett township. He remained there but a short time, when he returned to his native State. The next year, 1832, he came back to this county, where he has remained a citizen ever since. In the fall of 1834, he entered the land for his present farm in the extreme western part of Clintonia township. At that time Mr. Barnett, Josiah Clifton and Samuel Curtright were the only citizens. In the same year Mr. Barnett married Miss Elizabeth Hall, and early the following spring they went to house-keeping in a pole cabin previously built by Mr. Barnett on his premises in Section 30. His cabin was euphoniously called the " House that Jack built," from the fact that a man by the name of Jack Bruner superintended the construction of it. It was a rude affair, filled in with chinkings, but not daubed up with mud as were some of the most aristocratic of those times. Soon after moving in a heavy snow storm prevailed, Mr. Barnett was away from home, and when he returned be found his wife sitting, desolate and alone, in the middle of the room, muffled up in a cloak, and the floor covered with snow. He made a rousing fire, swept out the snow, stuffed up the cracks with rags the best he could, and for a time they were comparatively comfortable. The next morning. Mr. Barnett was obliged to wade through several inches of snow before he could reach his clothes to dress. Many years have passed, and Mr. Barnett is now one of the prominent farmers and representative citizens of DeWitt county. He has been a very active man all his, life, and although gray haired, and somewhat bent with age, he is yet active and capable of more endurance than many of the rising generation. He was elected the first surveyor after the county was organized in 1839, served in the office for twenty successive years, and is now the present incumbent.

1850 Census DeWitt County, IL., Dwelling 341
A.L. Barnett wm age 40 b. KY
Elizabeth wf age 38 b. KY
William wm age 14 b. IL
James wm age 13 b. IL
Kasandra wf age 10 b. IL
Sarah wf age 8 b. IL
Juliet wf age 6 b. IL
John wm age 4 b. IL
Alexander wm age 6 months

1860 DeWitt County, IL, page 596 line 32
Alex Barnett wm age 49 b. KY
Elizabeth wf age 47 b. KY
James wm age 23 b. IL
Cassandra wf age 19 b. IL
Sarah wf age 18 b. IL
Juliet wf age 16 b. IL
John wm age 14 b. IL
Alex wm age 10 b. IL

1870 Census
Clintonia Township, Page 26
Alex L. Barnett wm age 59 b. KY
Elizabeth H. wf age 57 b. KY
James R. wm age 33 b. IL
Alexander wm age 20 b. IL
Franklin Quigley wm age 16 b. OH
Hannah Koons wf age 9 b. IL
Ella Barnett wf age 4 b. IL

1: Elizabeth H. HALL
Birth: February 28, 1813 Bourbon County, Kentucky
Death: December 7, 1898 Age: 85
Burial: Alexander Barnett Family Cemetery, Clintonia Twp.
Marriage: November 20, 1834 Kentucky
Children: William B. (1835-1898)
James R. (1836-)
Eliza (1838-1839)
Cassandra (1840-)
Sarah (1841-1864)
Juliet (1842-)
Alexander (1849-)
Nancy (1851-1853)


(2) Name: Franklin BARNETT
Birth: 1808 Kentucky
Death: 1871 Kansas Age: 63
Father: John BARNETT (1781-1854)
Mother: Sallie Barnett KENNEY (1786-)

Misc. Notes
DeWitt County History 1882
Franklin Barnett, from whom. The township received its name, came from Bourbon county, Kentucky, in the spring of 1831, and settled in the same section as Mr. Paine. He was then a single man, but afterwards married and reared a family. In 1856 he migrated to Kansas, where he died only a few years ago. Robert Barnett, a brother of the former, came the year afterward-1832. He then had a wife and one child. He located in the same section as his brother. He died in 1864. His wife, Margaret, is yet living on the pioneer homestead. John Barnett, the father of the above, came here and entered land as early as 1831, for the use of his children, and afterward returned to his home in Kentucky. Here his wife died, and in 1845 he moved to the township to be with his children. He died in 1854. James Barnett, another son, moved to the township the same year as his father. He had a family of a wife and one daughter, Sarah. He is yet residing at the old homestead in section thirty-four, a substantial farmer and a respected citizen.

He moved to Kansas about 1856.

Franklin Barnett
1 male under 5, 1 male 20-30
1 female under 5, 1 female 20-30

1850 Census DeWitt County, Dwelling # 312
Franklin Barnett wm age 41 b. KY
Elizabeth wf age 13 b. IL
John wm age 11 b. IL
Simeon wm age 7 b. IL
George wm age 5 b. IL
Emmerine wf age 3 b. IL

1860 DeWitt County Census, Page 613 line 6
F. Barnett wm age 51 b. KY
E. wf age 37 b. KY
John W. wf age 22 b. IL
Simeon wm age 18 b. IL
George wm age 16 b. IL
Emmerine wf age 14 b. IL
Flora wf age 8 b. IL
Curtis L. wm age 6 b. IL
America wf age 4 b. IL
Mary Jane wf age 1 b. IL

Marriage: before 1851
Children: Elizabeth (1837-)
John (1839-)
Simeon (1843-)
George (1845-)
Emmerine (1847-)

2: Elizabeth Ann WALTERS
Marriage: February 6, 1851 DeWill County, Illinois
Children: Flora (1852-)
Curtis L. (1854-)
America (1856-)
Mary Jane (1859-)


(3) Name: John BARNETT
Birth: January 28, 1781 Augusta County, Virginia
Death: May 16, 1854 DeWitt County, Kenney, Illinois Age: 73

Misc. Notes
Some information on this Barnett line is from Earliene Kaelin, (jeniann@@wa.net)

He was of Virginia Revolutionary stock. He was a surveyor in early life but later engaged in farming.

Bourbon County Will Book G, page 433.
Alexander Barnett
Those mentioned - son, John Barnett, his mother to live with him during his life; grandchildren, children of my daughter, Elizabeth M Brown, deceased; children of son John Barnett; wife Dorcus; Agnes Glky, formerly wife of my deceased son, William Barnett; Martha Ward, formerly the wife of my deceased son Robert Barnett; grandson, Alexander montgomery Brown. Made September, 1826. Proved december 1826. Executors - John Barnett, John G Brown, Witness- William B. Branham, Thomas Roger, Richard Brand.

Information from the gravestones for this family were copied from the cemetery by Lois E. (Mrs John R.) Gibson, and submitted by Oscar Cromwell to DeWitt County, Illinois Cemetery Inscriptions, Printed by the Decatur Genealogical Society, April 1973. The Barnett Cemetery is located in Barnett Township on the John I. Barnett farm, now owned by Mrs Etta Huber, this cemetery was deeded to Barnett Township at the Town Meeting at Hallsville, April 5, 1955, was voted on two times before it was accepted. It is recorded in Book 80, page 133; signed by Ada R. Morin, October 27, 1953. The township is now supposed to take care of the little cemetery. The cemetery and a strip of land for a roadway to the highway are now township property. I have all the papers with signatures of all descendants residing locally, pertaining to the transfer. Lois Gibson, Clinton, Illinois.

John bought land 1831 for his son but remained in KY until 1847 when he came with son James. He appears as a 70 yr. b. VA. on the 1850 Census living with son James and family.

John Barnett is the original owner of the farm on which the Barnett Family Cemetery is located. It is on the Stonerside Farm, Paris, Kentucky.

He was a veteran of the War of 1812, fought with Andrew Jackson at new Orleans; a volunteer in the Black Hawk Indian War in Illinois.

1: Sallie Barnett KENNEY
Birth: July 24, 1786 Bourbon County, Kentucky
Father: James KENNEY Sr. (1752-1814)
Mother: Mary FRAME (1747-1796)
Marriage: July 15, 1806 Bourbon County, Kentucky
Children: Robert F. (1807-1864)
Franklin (1808-1871)
Alexander L. (1810-1886)
Maria (1812-)
Julie (1814-1814)
William (~1815-)
Elizabeth (1817-1862)
James (1820-1889)
Sarah (~1826-)