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Allan W. Eckert

Postby renglish » Sun Sep 09, 2012 11:22 am

I am sure it is not news to many and probably most who ply the forum that Allan W. Eckert died July 7, 2011. The author of "Wilderness Empire", "The Frontiersman","The Conquerors", "That Dark and Bloody River" , "A Sorrow in Our Heart" etc.,etc. He was a prolific writer who strongly influenced me personally. Giving life to and nuturing what has become a lifelong interest in the history of the American frontier. I was not aware until relatively recently he wrote the play "Tecumseh" which is something I have always wanted to see but never have. He also wrote well over two hundred of the scripts for "Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom", a favorite televison program of not just myself , but of my parents and brother as well when I was a boy.He popularized and put on the radar an era of history that had been largely forgotten. He certainly did for me. I compare him to Bruce Catton- who put Civil War history back on the map. Like Catton, he laid the foundation and sparked the passion of much of the excellent and developing research that has followed since. I was aware of Allan Eckert long before I knew of Francis Parkman.
The most influential writers in my boyhood were Olaus J. Murie, Larry Dean Olsen, Bruce Catton, Thomas Mails and Allan W. Eckert. Although I never met the man I felt a personal loss when he passed.

I have found the "Off The Shelf" forum very helpful personally as well as interesting. It has brought some wonderful books to my attention. I mention Allan Eckert's passing as I did not see it mentioned here and feel it certainly deserves notice in spite of the fact it is well over a year ago. A man whose passion for nature and history fueled his writing and whose writing fueled those passions in others. He will be missed but has left a strong legacy.
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Re: Allan W. Eckert

Postby Blacksmith » Tue Dec 06, 2016 8:28 pm

Renglish, I share your respect and admiration for Allen Eckert. I devoured his work.
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