Welcome to the Trading Post!

Sell, Trade items preferably related to 18th Century Frontier research, reenacting, trekking.

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Welcome to the Trading Post!

Postby jhagee » Fri Feb 06, 2004 9:33 am

The Trading Post is the place where you can sell stuff! :)

- Please limit your Ads to items sold between private individuals.

- No storeowners, commercial sites, etc. This is not the place to promote sales, services or businesses, no links to other sites, no taking orders for services or custom-made products, etc.

- If you are making or buying things to sell on Frontier Folk, you need to contact me to discuss options. By complying with that request, you honor the efforts of vendors and myself who provide this place to communicate and do business with fellow members.

- Ads will run for 2 weeks. You can repost the ad if the item is still for sale. Feel free to add additional information. Please do not "bump" your item to the top. If you have a good description and if it is of interest, people will find it.

- Be sure to post all pertinent information, don't make people waste time asking; description, price, special terms, etc.

- We encourage (but not limited to) history-related items.

- Only registered users can post Ads. Although the MB is simply a facilitator and takes no responsibility, this should at least indicate the seller is a real person.

- People can ask you questions about your item, either in the MB forum or privately.

- Feel free to link photos of your item.

- Please post a message indicating when the item has been sold. (Or modify the original subject.)

- Due to the complicated federal, state, and city laws that govern the sale of modern firearms (post-1840), Frontierfolk cannot and will not assure that the appropriate laws governing the buying, selling, or trading of modern firearms are always being followed. That goes for any other legally sensitive items which may include artifacts, gunpowder, etc. As a result, they should not be listed in the TRADING POST.

- You may also post a Want to Buy (- WTB) request in the Trading Post.

- Last, but not least, I request a small donation of 5% for sales. Understand, this board is a lot of work to maintain, your donation helps keep it free. If you consider the Trading Post service & the rest of FF valuable, your help is much appreciated.

That's it!



P.S. Sponsors are allowed to promote their stores and specials because they help pay for this area! :)

I now have a "friends" list that have the same privilege due to a donation.
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