Quarterly Proceedings of
the Bluegrass Grotto: the North Central Kentucky Area
Chapter of the National Speleological Society
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vol. 41. iss. 4, December 2006

New Members Trip, Wells Cave.
Sarah Bell (current BGG president).
     On Saturday, November 11, my husband (Matt) and I set out in a light drizzle to meet at Jean’s Restaurant for the Bluegrass Grotto’s much touted New Members trip.  We parked in a neat row of bat-stickered trucks and made our way to the back of the restaurant where we joined Tammy Otten, Jamie Dixon, Pete Stow, Bob Dobbs and others for a good home-cooked breakfast.  As we ate, more and more cavers entered the restaurant and soon we took up two long tables…all in all we counted twenty-three people as we wrapped up our breakfasts and began to file out of Jean’s!  Out of these twenty-three people only one…count

her…one…person was a first-time caver. (Tammy Otten brought Deb, a friend and fellow teacher, with her on the trip.)  We assembled ourselves in nine separate vehicles and followed Bob Dobbs to Wells Cave Preserve.  Yes, for those of you who have been there before, we did fit all nine cars in the parking lot at the preserve.  Kasey Webb met us at the cave, too, and we thoroughly blocked his truck (making ten vehicles) in the rear of the gravel lot.  The first tight squeezes we encountered that day were getting our bodies through the tiny slots created by cars parked a mere eight inches apart.  Our group had now grown to twenty-four and it took some time to assemble us all at the entrance to Wells Cave.  While some made last minute 
Editor: Arthur Cammers

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