The Kentucky Caver Quarterly Proceedings of the
Bluegrass Grotto: the North Central Kentucky Area Chapter of the National Speleological Society
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 vol. 41. iss. 3, September 2006

Rough lineplot generated in COMPASS (modified in
Illustrator)  Click to Amplify the view. This map is already out of date.

is enough passage off of Webster Avenue to keep the WCCSG busy for a long time.  Currently, leads near the back of Webster including Giger, Marathon Crawl, and Necronom are being surveyed.  These passages range from canyoning, to comfortable crawling, to those passages that everyone looks at before sending in the smallest person present - who invariably calls back for the rest of the team to follow (at least for one or two shots).  It was our initial hope that one of these passages would yield a fourth entrance allowing quick access to the rear of the cave.  Marathon crawl was an especially promising lead that was trending directly towards two smaller caves – Briar Hole and VanLahrs.  Unfortunately, while the hydrologic connection is a given, survey in both of these caves as well as in Marathon Crawl failed to yield a physical connection. Currently, leads in Necronom blow good amounts of air and hold promise.  Marathon Crawl and Necronom have currently been surveyed to around 1100 and 2100 feet, respectively.  Webster cave itself stands at a 

little over 6 miles not including several hundred feet of survey in three smaller caves.
   One of the strengths of the WCCSG is our commitment to an accurate survey and cartography of the highest standards.  To these ends, our survey is modeled after standards of the Cave Research Foundation.  Data is reduced, stored, and analyzed using COMPASS.  Furthermore, in order to make highly detailed maps, the cave has been divided into quadrants, and quadrants are drawn at a scale of 50ft to the inch using Adobe Illustrator.
   Like many cave projects, the WCCSG needs all the help we can get.  We welcome cavers of all experience levels to contact us via the website listed above.  It is through the discussion board on this website that trips are organized (usually once or twice a month).  If is hasn’t been made clear, Webster is an extremely wet cave – perfect for the abundant Northern Cave fish, but less ideal for us terrestrial mammals.  Wetsuits are a must for Webster.  However, if you’re interested but don’t have a wetsuit, there are other, dry caves in the Webster Complex that we need help with as well.  To accommodate people with a long drive, the cave’s owner has graciously provided us with a fieldhouse where people can eat, drink, and be weary after trips.  Easily one of the more demanding caves in the area, Webster is also one of the most beautiful.  Once explored, it is a cave that few cavers ever forget (although there are some that have tried).   Rumbling echoes, black

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