The Kentucky Caver Quarterly Proceedings of the
Bluegrass Grotto: the North Central Kentucky Area Chapter of the National Speleological Society
Page 17 [contents] ||   ||  ||  vol. 41. iss. 2, June 2006

(Bill and Jason at Spring Acre Cave 04/22/2006.)

Jason arrived ready to dive with his twin 40 ft2 tanks and duplicate and triple dive gear. The Spring Acre sump was very easy to get to. It looked perfect to dive with the water moving slowly at 54 degrees F, not bad with double poly and a nylon cave suit. Jason had a dry suit. Visibility was ~ 1.5 ft. not good enough for me (PF). I dove for years mostly in the Gulf Stream at cave diving for me, but when the time machine clicks in and I return to 20 years old with money I will cave dive and kayak... I asked Jason when we should worry. He replied in about an hour.

Bill and I (PF) waited in chest deep water in the canal while Jason made the dive. In less than 20 minutes Jason was back. He dove 110 ft. one way through a fairly comfortable passage that was completely submerged; the bottom was not visible at any time. Jason stayed on the ceiling looking for the next breakout into airspace. The bottom was small pebbles (0.5-2") in most places, some larger rocks, but not many. The passage was very close to circular ~ 8 feet in diameter. The 

water was moving very slowly in the sump area due to the large size. Jason popped up in a sizable room with signatures where he tied off his dive line.

Looking at the area from above the water, it was a pit- approximately 15 foot in diameter that dropped about 9 feet from the floor level- which was at stooping to standing height - so the distance from water level to ceiling was probably 14-15 ft. The water was still flowing there, but very slightly, and not enough to have been able to tell from which direction, which was really very interesting.

Jason was quite sure that the underwater passage did not end there, and may, in fact, take a sharp right turn or split into multiple passages- as the main flow from Gorham flows in the same direction as the sump area, but is offset some distance to the east. The poor visibility at the time prevented Jason from examining the sump area in Gorham, and he was concerned that Bill and Preston were waiting in cold water and saw no reason to continue after making such an obvious connection. Follow up dives would most likely be made from the Gorham side as it would be a walk to either sump allowing people to wait on the dry sand.

Later, we confirmed Jason had connected to the two-mile long Gorham Cave at the second pool in the side passage before the sump. With the 1400 ft. surveyed in Spring Acre by the late Joe Saunders (BBG, PhD U. Kentucky agriculture, sugar beet expert, cave digger par excellence), that put the new length for the Gorham-Spring Acre Cave at 3.67 km (2.28 mile). I
(PF) reported the new length to Bob Gulden who maintains the US Long Cave List. A CONNECTION, Yeah! The Western Kentucky Speleological Survey has recently surveyed 54 caves in Logan County

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