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vol. 41. iss. 2, June 2006

Accident Report: Sloan’s Valley Cave System, Memorial Day weekend May 2006.

Editor's Note: The News by Channel 27 of 5/28/2006 had minimal coverage of a rescue event at Sloan's Valley Cave (SVC). The News certainly did not cater to cavers. Here the KY Caver presents an accident report relayed by the trip leader to educate the caving community. We also follow this report with comments by well-known caver, John LaMar Cole (JLC), the trip leader's Kentucky contact. JLC knows SVC very well.

by Steve Gladieux (NSS 57013, Detroit Urban Grotto, Indiana Cave Conservancy Association, Fisher Ridge Survey Project.).

I feel that the circumstances that eventually resulted in a rescue effort at Sloan’s Valley Cave System (SVCS) were typical; they were not in the least bit extraordinary. I am certain that they were totally avoidable. I think that these circumstances were typical in that they were brought about by a string of decisions that seemed minor but nonetheless locked the trip

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Music in Caves: the Great Stalacpipe Organ at Luray Caverns

Editor's Note: The author made a great presentation at the Bluegrass Grotto's monthly meeting on May 16, 2006. If the text to follow crosses with Wikipedia's content on this subject it is because Mark's current submission and Mark's Wiki page were developed at the same time. A brief bio of Mark follows this article.

by Mark Kidd (U. Kentucky Student, Audiophile).

    When the Smithsonian Institute sent a group to examine Luray Caverns in 1880, ‘cave fever’ was in full-swing in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley. It was two years after Benton Stebbins and Andrew Campbell discovered the cave; as news of the discovery spread, farmers, entrepreneurs, and adventure-seekers alike were excavating sinkholes with shovels and pickaxes in hopes to change their fortunes in an area that had been in near-constant recession since the Civil War. Some would-be cave tycoons were successful and began to open other show caves around

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Editors: Arthur Cammers, and Judi Kuhl
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