The Kentucky Caver Quarterly Proceedings of the
Bluegrass Grotto: the North Central Kentucky Area Chapter of the National Speleological Society
Editors: Arthur Cammers and Judi Kuhl

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vol. 41. iss. 2, June 2006
Policy: The Kentucky Caver will publish articles as submitted with only cosmetic changes to language. Changes in content to your submissions are subject to your pre-publication approval. The Kentucky Caver will consider all articles related to wild and urban underground exploration, karst hydrology/ geophysics/ geology, rope safety, rope work, equipment, navigation, surveying, local conservation activities including local water purity studies and the global chemistry related to geological waters, species protection and behavior studies, especially those of and related to our brother chiroptera. We also accept opinion pieces on anything relating to caving. We will consider submissions from anyone in any location.
Format: The Kentucky Caver is uniquely formatted to bridge the functional gap between the versatility, searchablity and diversity afforded by HTML and the permanence and  historical perpetuity afforded by paper and electronic paper formats. The KY caver is HTML that has been paginated to print on 8.5x11 paper. Once published, material at a particular volume and page number will not be subject to modification. To produce a hard copy of the KY caver you will have to print a page at a time from your web browser.

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Feature Articles!
 01 Accident Report: Sloan’s Valley Cave System, Memorial Day weekend May 2006. Steve Gladieux (NSS 57013, Detroit Urban Grotto, Indiana Cave Conservancy Association, Fisher Ridge Survey Project.)
 01 Music in Caves: the Great Stalacpipe Organ at Luray Caverns. Mark Kidd (Senior, U. Kentucky)
 07 Rescue at Sloan’s  comments by John LaMar Cole (BGG)
 11 Ergor Rubreck’s Experience as an Underground River Pilot.   Ergor Rubreck
 13 Mysterious Dead Bats in California Brooke Slack (BGG)
13 Recent Excellent Time Spent at Great Salpetre (Cave) Preserve:  Teaching and Eating  Hilary Lambert (BGG & KEEP). 
 15 Mammoth Cave Restoration Field Camp, March/04-05 Sarah Bell  (BGG)
 15 Mapping Dunbar Call for Help Peggy Renwick  (BGG)
 16 CONNECTION, Mud River in Logan County, KY. Gorham/ Spring Acre Caves.  Preston Forsythe  (NSS, Western Kentucky Speleological Survey, Cave Research Foundation),  Jason Richards (NSS-Cave Diving Section, and CLUG (Clarksville Underground), and Shari Forsythe, NSS 24794 FR.
18 Subterranean Watershed Watch: Springtime Water Quality Monitoring in the Rockcastle Area With Subsequent Fine Dining and Winery Tour  Hilary Lambert (BGG & KEEP). 
Trip Reports
 20 WOODARD – DUNBAR TRIP 11 Ben Currens, Gary Collins, and   Peggy Renwick  (BGG)
 21 Dunbar Cave State Natural Area One and a half miles northeast of downtown Clarksville TN
Hilary Lambert (BGG & KEEP).