The Kentucky Caver Quarterly Proceedings of the
Bluegrass Grotto: the North Central Kentucky Area Chapter of the National Speleological Society
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 vol. 41. iss. 1, March 2006
not have to give anything up to pay for tax cuts we were getting a snow job! The promise by the then presidential candidate George W. Bush in 2000 that he would make National Parks a priority was as big a blizzard as the promise that he would be known as the education president.

To put a billion dollars into perspective, we spent two hundred and forty seven billion dollars in Iraq since the start of the war at the time of the writing of this opinion. I can certainly get even the Republican contingent of our troglodyte outdoor enthusiasts to agree that the slippery slope we stand on when we sell land in National Parks is worth at least 247th as much us our dirty little war that started as the embarrassing "get- outta- da- way- we'll- find- em" statement to the rest of the world. A war which continues as "let's- finish- what- we- started", "support- our- troops" and as "Pray- for- our- troops" Bush proposes to sell the park to do the minimum for education in rural areas. How long will the new money hold the demand? For the damage done to the parks and our national identity, $1 billion is only a thin BAND-AID to cover our national cancer regarding our commitment to education. The proposal to sell the parks is a desperate measure by a desperate man and it is nearly laughable, but the joke, unfortunately, might be on us.

The list of Kentucky National Land proposed for sale is as follows:

referred from source.

Region 8: Daniel Boone National Forest
R-726  Clay  428.48
R-726a  Clay  50.71
 R-726b  Clay  3.73
 R-954  Clay  109.71
 R-973  Clay  26.68
 C-1549  Jackson  102.75
 C-3114b  Jackson    59.97
 C-3114d  Jackson    118.34
 C-3114e  Jackson    75.97
 C-245a  Laurel    46.50
 R-107Ac  Leslie    176.00
 R-3094At  Leslie   31.35
 R-331  Leslie    168.88
 R-331a  Leslie    79.08
 R-423  Leslie    30.54
 R-458  Leslie    38.72
 R-500  Leslie    153.30
 R-503  Leslie    109.19
 R-586  Leslie    81.35
 R-600  Leslie    329.12
 R-691  Leslie    66.48
 R-837  Leslie    47.65
 C-3114d  Madison    0.89
 C-1874L  McCreary   200.39
 C-1602  Menifee    72.83
 C-1602a  Menifee    114.12
 C-3034a  Menifee    63.24
 C-347  Menifee    157.65
 C-784a  Menifee    40.61
 C-1473  Morgan    7.92
 R-584a  Owsley    111.36
 R-780  Owsley    108.66
 R-107Aa  Perry    140.30
 C-1726a  Pulaski    3.99
 C-1166  Rowan    61.00
 C-1507  Rowan    40.50

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