The Kentucky Caver

Quarterly Proceedings of
the Bluegrass Grotto: the North Central Kentucky Area
Chapter of the National Speleological Society
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vol. 41. iss. 1, March 2006
Sell Us a War, Sell Us Tax Cuts to Cooperations, Sell Our National Parks to Pay for the First Two Bits of Swag! Let's think a minute.
An Editorial by Arthur Cammers.

Russell Hobart (co-editor) and I were winding through Slade, KY the other day when I voiced the opinion that our government should purchase a visibly moribund Slade. Those that did not want to leave should not be forced out, but over time the land could be converted to protected natural area by providing enough financial incentive. Our government should seek to amplify all other national lands for the benefit of our wildlife and for the enjoyment of our people in the same manner in other places in our great nation. This trend should continue until whole tracts of wooded acreage are restored, until mountain lion, wolves and elk can come back into balance, until some sensible natural critical mass of land is restored that

extends the area of the bear back south. Unfortunately, the Bush administration is heading in the opposite direction regarding the stewardship of public lands.

I was inclined to begin this editorial by saying that we are living in a unique time regarding conservation of our nation’s natural resources.  However, my anti-apocalyptic warning buzzer went off. I had images of myself, homeless and in rags, unshaven with a sign held  overhead that reads "The End is Near". The Jehovah Witnesses tried this from 1914-2000, but even they now back away from apocalysm. Who will believe such statements of doom? “Yeah sure everyone has lived in the ‘last days’” and in ’special times.’ 

Well, believe it or not “living in critical times” has always been true when one is talking about conservation and the environment. To demonstrate this statement to yourself, the next time you ridge walk at the Red River Gorge, imagine the whole valley logged out of all its trees with only stumps as a reminder of

Editors: Arthur Cammers and Russell Hobart
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