The Kentucky Caver Quarterly Proceedings of the
Bluegrass Grotto: the North Central Kentucky Area Chapter of the National Speleological Society
Editors: Arthur Cammers and Russell Hobart

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vol. 40. iss. 1, December 2005
Policy: The Kentucky Caver will publish articles as submitted with only cosmetic changes to language. Changes in content to your submissions are subject to your pre-publication approval. The Kentucky Caver will consider all articles related to wild and urban underground exploration, karst hydrology/ geophysics/ geology, rope safety, rope work, equipment, navigation, surveying, local conservation activities including local water purity studies and the global chemistry related to geological waters, species protection and behavior studies, especially those of and related to our brother chiroptera. We also accept opinion pieces on anything relating to caving. We will consider submissions from anyone in any location.

Advertising: We are going to limit commercial items, but if you would like to advertise in the Kentucky Caver, please contact the editors.

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 01 The Sinks of the Roundstone Cave Clean-up James Dixon (BGG)
 01 Kentucky Caver Resurrected! Arthur Cammers (BGG, editor)
Cave & Karst Conservation Update
 02 Daniel Boone Cave Gated. Hilary Lambert (BGG & KEEP)
 03 Adams Cave Gate Compromised; Building Underway. Hilary Lambert (BGG & KEEP)
 03 Sloans Valley Cave: Bat Data Collection. Hilary Lambert (BGG & KEEP)
 04 ACCA/BCI Seeking Cave Location Information. Hilary Lambert (BGG & KEEP)
 05 GSP Cavers Receive November PRIDE AwardHilary Lambert (BGG & KEEP)
 05 Paintball Bat Kills & Water Quality Testing in CavesHilary Lambert (BGG & KEEP)
 05 Cave Conservation LinksHilary Lambert (BGG & KEEP)
Experientia the impact of experience on the individual
 06 First Time Underground   Russell Hobart (BGG, editor)
 07 Blind Man’s Bluff: A Tale from the Dark Side (first appeared in "The Kentucky Caver" Vol. 31,
Nos. 1 & 2 in the summer of 1997) John LaMar Cole (BGG, Stonewall Cavers)
Trip Reports                                                                                                                                                     
 13 Hardin Baker Cave Trip (March. 21, 2005) Elise St. John (BGG)
 13 Current Exploration, Woodard-Dunbar Cave System  (Spring 2005) Ben Currens and Peggy
Renwick (BGG)
 25 Roppel Cave Trip Report (November 12, 2005) Hilary Lambert (BGG & KEEP)
 27 Upcoming events  Jerry Dixon (BGG president)