The Kentucky Caver Quarterly Proceedings of the
Bluegrass Grotto: the North Central Kentucky Area Chapter of the National Speleological Society
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 vol. 40. iss. 1, December 2005
On a ‘regular’ cave trip I would have swarmed up the foot and handholds, but with that big drop - unseen but very much felt - below me, my mind was shut tight and I had tunnel vision, and thus was very grateful for the son-in-law’s shoulder to step onto, and the daughter’s hand to pull me up. As Peggy puts it, we emerged into “balmy, breezy darkness”, and made our way to the Pizza Hut in Cave City. Thanks for the great meal, Ben and Peggy! Thank you, Jim and Dave, and thanks to all of you – all of you – for making that trip possible.

Upcoming events  Jerry Dixon (BGG president)

November 26 – 27, 2005. A Rockcastle Karst Conservancy (RKC) sponsored upcoming event. GSP Work Weekend. Per Mary Gratsch: Want to work off those Thanksgiving calories? There will be a GSP work weekend Nov. 26 and 27 to help tidy up the preserve and cave for the winter. Clean leaves and debris from under shelter. Clean gutters on shelter and ticket house.
Sweep outhouses and restock toilet paper. Clear leaves from around ticket house and cave entrance. Remove trash from back rooms of ticket house. Go through the cave and remove any debris. Sweep and remove trash from shower house. Clear trails. Rake leaves off Astroturf in front of lower mondo. Sweep and clean kitchen. Clean refrigerators/freezers, turn off for winter and prop doors open. Tools to bring if you have them - loppers, chain saw, broom, shovel, leaf blower, rake… If someone brings a saw, perhaps some of the rotten wood beside the shelter could be cut small enough to fit in the dumpster. Thanks! Hope to see you down there!!!

Tuesday, November 29, 2005   6:30 – 8:00 P.M.
The Sierra Club of the Bluegrass presents, “The Caves of Sinking Valley” Location: Lexington Public Library’s downtown auditorium.

December 4, 2005. Tentative schedule for BGG membership reviewal. We still need to finalize a place and time and agenda.

January 17, 2006. BGG Meeting 7:30 P.M. at the Mining and Minerals Building University of Kentucky Campus
January 27-29, 2006. Carter Caves 25th Annual Crawlathon  Carter Caves State Resort Park