The Kentucky Caver Quarterly Proceedings of the
Bluegrass Grotto: the North Central Kentucky Area Chapter of the National Speleological Society
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 vol. 40. iss. 1, December 2005
to conservative bloggers to take it easy on this one. They had the second nominee, Harriet Meirs, for
lunch. Can you imagine a more absurd situation, legislators in the first world power appealing to Joe Blogs (everyday fellas with PCs)? It is reminiscent of that scene in Grand Canyon (1991) in which a street punk and his homies are impeding Danny Glover's character, a tow truck driver, from taking Kevin Kline's broken-down automobile out of the hood. Glover ends up having to beg the punk because the punk has a gun, no gun-no respect--no PC/ ISP/ blog, no respect. The pen indeed is mightier than the sword in all temporal and cultural contexts, PAPER ... SCISSORS ... ROCKS! OK, fine we can all find a voice in this collective blog, the Kentucky Caver.

(editors, spring 2004, Lexington 30+ Champs)

At the Oct meeting of the BGG I volunteered to edit the Kentucky Caver. Then I volunteered my friend Russell to co-edit the KY Caver; Russell writes like he plays football, very well.

I am appealing to you BGG members and cavers from beyond our Bluegrass borders for your opinions, accounts of cave trips, academic/ intellectual submissions on caves and caving and related issues, your ideas, etc.

(editor, Judi (spouse) and Ziggy: Halloween, 2005, GSP)

CAVE & KARST CONSERVATION UPDATE Hilary Lambert (BGG & KEEP Karst Environmental Education & Protection, Inc.)
This column provides brief updates on cave and karst issues of interest to Kentucky Cavers. There is
no attempt to provide “objectivity”: The writing is
strongly biased in favor of caves/ karst preservation, and cavers. You are encouraged to submit items for inclusion to Hilary Lambert.

Upper entrance of Daniel Boone Cave with newly-installed gate, complete withACCA autograph! Click image to enlarge Photo by H. Lambert

Daniel Boone Cave Gated.  Daniel Boone Cave is a retired show cave perched on the edge of the Kentucky River bluffs, down the river road from Camp Nelson. It consists of several cave rooms linked sausage-like by small passages, descending steeply from the upper bluff-top entrance to a larger entrance just above the river flood plain. As a show cave it was ‘enhanced’ with metal hand-holds linked by chains to guide visitors down the steep slopes. Steps were chiseled into the flowstone.

In recent years, abandoned to the vandals and partiers, Daniel Boone Cave’s formations and breakdown piles became the canvas for a twisted neon-paint artist, the rooms littered with the requisite millions of votive candles and beer cans. During the 2002 Karst Encounters, the Dixon Brothers and their children removed something like 16 bags of garbage and dragged them back up the slope to the road for disposal, no doubt prejudicing family members against caving for years to come.