About Us

The Blue Grass Grotto is a local chapter of the National Speleological Society and a member of the Ohio (River) Valley Region!

The goals of the BGG are to encourage safe/responsible cave exploration as well as the conservation and study of caves.

Our meetings are held at 6pm on the third Thursday of each month at Lexington's Climbing Gym, L' Escalade Fitness. 916 N Broadway, Lexington KY, 40505

We have lots of plans for the new year including trips open to all members in the Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall! Join us to learn about those trips and don't forget to bring $10 for dues for the new year!

LEF has asked that any first time visitors to their facility fill out their waver, which can be done online before you come, or once you arrive.
Sign the waiver

Please understand that attending the meeting does not give you use to climbing at the facility. If you would like to climb before or after the meeting you will need to purchase a day pass from LEF.

We welcome all new potential members and hope to see you there!

Office Name E-mail
President Jonathan Carman
Vice-Pres Bob Roth
Secretary Elizabeth Copelin
Treasurer David Lindemuth
WebMaster Kevin Zachary
WebHost Jon Hagee E-mail